New Year’s Day 2015

For the almost two years that Paul, Amira and I lived in Portland, we attended the Unity of Portland church. We participated the White Stone Ceremony, both years, during the holiday season. The ceremony involved receiving a small rectangular white stone. By the end of the ceremony, after a message from the pastor and time for meditation… we were to think of one word to write on our stone. That word would play the part of map and guide for us into the new year.…

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Crafty goodness

This weekend we went to a crafting-finish-your-projects get together. It was satisfyingly fun, filled with laughter and low-key, easy and fun creativity. I brought Sculpey. I didn’t have a particular project to finish. Instead, I thought I would simply play with clay. It’s satisfying like playing with Play-doh, only you get to bake and keep your creation.  Working with clay has a very altering quality to it. It’s relaxing, peaceful and fun (most especially if you let go of any ideals of creating “art”). Amira…

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Trying more than twice… a lot more

I never learned how to draw. I paint abstracts because I love color, pattern and texture. But, I also paint abstracts because I can’t draw. I’ve never taken an art class. Well, almost never. I started a Drawing 101 course in college. I dropped out pretty quickly because everyone in it was an art major and had been drawing the better part of forever. I was better suited for ‘How to draw a recognizable stick figure’… Today, Amira was practicing her piano. It hadn’t yet…

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Looking for fall and finding more

Yesterday morning, I received a text that said: “Fall Color Picnic?” It was from Natalie. I hope it makes perfect sense to you that it took me a negative nanosecond to reply: “Yes!” We went last year. <– Side note: for more fall beauty from last year – click on those two links. And… see this same day from Natalie’s side of the experience here. It’s well worth it – she has gorgeous photos! Last year, we said we would visit again. We both meant…

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Bracing for the good!

I’m trying something new and posting from my phone.  We’ll see how this works… and whether it is more of a hassle than it’s worth. There’s so much happening in my world right now.  I am strapped into the rollercoaster. It has left the loading station and is on the move.  The cars are climbing the incline.  It’s slow and the clanking of the wheels, as I rise in altitude, has been tedious at times.  But now,  I’m grabbing onto that padded safety bar on…

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Riding my bike to school

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I ride my bike to Amira’s school. She enjoys having me ride to meet her so that we can ride our bikes home together. The ride is less than 2 miles round trip. It’s a pretty speedy trip, even considering the fact that our neighborhood is filled with hilly terrain. At the bottom of one of those hills is our home. There is no way out but up. So, you have to bike up the hill for a piece before you…

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Gifts of coincidence

A family ritual that we have is, as a portion of Amira’s tuck-in routine, to say a prayer and send love and energy to someone that comes to our mind. On Saturday evening, it was my turn to pray. As I prayed, I came to the portion where I quiet my thoughts and heart and allow to come to mind who it is that I am going to pray for. That evening, it took a bit but then her face smiled in my mind and…

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I’m Minnie MacGyver!

Over the past several months, my keyboard on my trusty laptop has been losing keys one at a time. First, the ‘DEL’ key stopped working. I navigated my way around that for months by using the delete key on my ten key pad. I worked with that because it wasn’t too difficult to do so. About a month ago though, ‘Z’ stopped working. The ‘Z’ key is a bigger hassle because while ‘z’ isn’t commonly used in our language, it is used in the function…

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An invitation and reminder that “Man is free at the moment he wishes to .” – Voltaire

Bear with me. This is going to be a long post, but I do hope and intend that it will be worth your time. This week I took on, for realsies, writing a book. It’s something I’ve thought about. I’ve never started it because I’ve always talked, rationalized and FUDed myself out of it. It’s been quite the week, as I’ve started writing, listening to my brain spew out every-last-reason-known-to-man as to why I should immediately knock off this nonsense. I’ve grown a lot in…

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On their way

Mom and Dad just hit the road. They are on their way. They will be here for dinner! It will be another whirl wind visit, but I’m okay with that. It is far, far better than no visit at all.  Connecting up is easier now that they are in Arizona instead of Montana. That said, they are still too far away for my taste. But, until transporters are a reality and geographic miles are rendered meaningless, I will cheerfully and gratefully take each opportunity I…

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Unlikely Lavender Queen

TBT 10/12/08 – “I would have had a better attitude earlier.”

(Originally published 10/12/08) Every Sunday, I work with my friend Dana Roc to get her Monday edition ezine out.  This week, Dana interviewed Jeannie Ralston.  I don’t usually read what Dana has put together on Sunday because I am too busy getting it all the pieces of content put together in the ezine and updated to her website. But today, I had an unexpected window of time to read the ‘Inspiring People Interview’ – so I did. Jeannie Ralston wrote a book called The Unlikely…

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Thought they’d never come

About a month and a half ago, Natalie, the incredible Chickenblogger, gifted me with a thistle seed sack feeder.  She discovered the feeders and had been delighting in the gold finches that it attracted.  We filled it up with seeds and I took it home excited to entice finches to my own back patio space. I hung it and could hardly contain my anticipation. And then… NOTHING. And I mean, nothing. Days, followed by weeks, the bag hung there. Swaying as the wind moved, it…

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The skies have grown overcast and the air damp. The marine layer has made its way up the hill to where we live. I like it when it does this. I like the cool breezes and the introspective and slightly melancholy mood it creates in me. I feel the call to self-nurture. That’s one element of living in the PNW that I always loved and do miss. I like the the feeling of wanting to curl up on a really comfy corner of a couch.…

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My Facebook Unplug

I deactivated my Facebook account. I’ll be honest. It felt strange. So strange, in fact, that my heart was beating a little faster as I did it. I didn’t expect that. Then, the deed was done. Now what’s ahead of me is to see what, if anything, will change in my life. I unplugged from Facebook because I wanted to facilitate diving deeper into my life… into my spirituality, creativity and, yes, productivity. I didn’t want to leave for all the typical reasons. I *LOVE*…

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Craving Constancy

Craving constancy Is wanting to believe a lie Because nothing stays the same At least, not for long Even then When my eyes are open I see the change eroding the edges The lack of constancy Especially in what I love most I want to make it wrong The change It twists and contorts My desires and expectations Please! I think That MUST be wrong And as I sit here and think I hear an offering Saying I have another way And please Listen and…

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