Filling up sight and soul with autumn ahh!

I have a slew photos to share with you.  I have this amazing friend, Natalie. She and three of the four of her amazing children took us to a nearby park to picnic and soak up some autumn delights. I had to share some of my delight with you!

I can’t tell you how good it did me to take this in. Amira was glowing too! We knew we missed the sight and feel of fall – we just didn’t know how much!

I couldn’t be happier that the trees here aren’t done yet either… they have more color and splendor to share. We have already made plans to return.

The weather this day was just cool enough that we could wear a scarf and a hat without feeling ridiculous or overcooked.  It felt GOOD!

I love the spiky seed casings that these trees create.  I love too when they turn dark brown/black and they remind me of a soot sprite tree.

Isn’t this beautiful? The bees certainly loved its sweet smell.

Take a peek at this brilliant cascade of orange berries!

And the Torrey Pines cones were impressive!  This photo doesn’t adequately show how large they really are.

I loved the moss growing on this tree trunk…

And this reminded me of a tree Fraggle. Natalie saw an owl… which I rather liked too!

Have I mentioned what an incredible artist my friend Natalie is with patterns, colors, fabrics, and all variety of crafts. Her fall quilt is so beautiful! I should have gotten the fabric on the back in the photo too – perfection! Her creations make me want to dabble in the world of sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and so on. I love the richness, beauty and dearness that her works bring to everyday life.

Speaking of… look at these little gnomes that she created. They are beyond adorable! Amira and Maria spent a good time laying them out in the sun… telling their stories and admiring their beautiful attire. And don’t miss the little one in a half walnut shell crib…  So sweet!

And these… I adored them! They are New Zealand Tea Tree flowers. After a quick research trip on Google – I discovered manuka honey is made from it. Natalie tells me these aren’t the most impressive specimen… but I am in love.

You can tell, can’t you? Amira and I were in heaven!  There is nothing better than time shared with friends in a beautiful place!



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  1. What beautiful thoughts about wonderful photos. You sure do have an eye for photography. Oh, by the way, I saw an owl also.

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