Gratitude junkie

My friend Natalie, at ChickenBlog, has this awesome tradition of listing 5 good things each Monday.  I’m a gratitude junkie – so I’m in! (I’m squeaking in under the wire with only 45 minutes left of Monday… but in is in!)  ;)

I haven’t always been a gratitude junkie. I remember, when down in the dumps as a teen, my mom asking me to list 10 things that I could be grateful for. I used to get so mad at her. The last thing I wanted to do was be grateful. You know why? Because I can’t indulge in my nasty mood. <insert foot stomping here> Gratitude inevitably and always swept it away.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I can’t stop being grateful. The nasty moods do hit from time to time but they are fewer and farther between. Living in gratitude is addicting. I’ll warn you though – it can and sometimes does annoy people. I’ve had people give me the stink eye and say to me: “You’re not one of those always happy and thankful people, are you?”  Oh well. I can’t and don’t worry about it. It’s too good living in the miracle of this life and saying thanks for it!

My 5 Good Things:

1) I didn’t feel the Christmas spirit. It didn’t matter that Thanksgiving was over, the calendar said December and stores were decorated. I didn’t even feel it when the kind man from the neighborhood tree lot hauled our tree into our home. But somewhere between that point and the point when Paul and Amira put the last finishing touches on the tree… I felt it. The colorful lights and the shimmering silver bead garland, the new ornaments and the handmade ornaments and the smell of pine all spun their magic. I was bound by their spell. I’m grateful for the holiday season.

2) My sweet kitten (he’s a cat, but he’s still my kitten) has been dealing with an allergy of unknown origin. It’s been bothering him off and on ever since we moved to SoCal. It caused him to itch so badly that he would lick and bite open wounds into his skin. He wasn’t himself because he was so uncomfortable. It’s been heartbreaking. About a week ago, after saying a prayer to St. Francis, guides and angels for help… I got the intuition to do two small things. Neither of them, in the scope of what we have done and tried, made any real sense. But I tried them anyway. And, tonight, as I type and he sits warm, content and purring on my lap – he doesn’t have a single wound. His fur is growing back and filling in, he plays with toys and is happy. Muta is happy and well.  I am so, so grateful!

3) This girl is open hearted love and grace. Most especially when I step out out of her way, I’m overwhelmed and moved by the way she navigates and learns. She teaches me. I’m grateful for her.

4) Nature is generous and beautiful. She fills my soul with knowing and peace, with beauty and paradox. I’m grateful for the depth of healing and inspiration I receive from Nature.

5) Yesterday afternoon, I had promised Amira that we would make gingerbread cookies. As the promised time came, I was suddenly hit with an overwhelming desire to nap. It was consuming. I just wanted to drop my head and let myself drift away. I asked Amira for 15 mins and floated in that near sleep haze. Paul broke through my haze and announced that my time was up. Oh man. Painful. I so didn’t want to make cookies. I wanted to SLEEP. Paul encouraged me to get up. Amira said: “Mama, just get up and you’ll be fine.” And so I did. And I was.

We had such a good, good time making cookies. I was embarrassed that, if left to myself, I would have slept through this experience.  I’m grateful for the reminder to wake up and enjoy my loved ones and the experiences that are there for us to play and delight in. Sometimes naps are the just the thing we need… but this time, waking up was it. I’m grateful for waking up!

Alrighty, that’s my five. Except, I’m not done. She’s going to really, really wish I didn’t – but I’m going to tell you a 6th gratitude.  This is it. Or rather, this is her. The ChickenBlogger. She’s a gratitude junkie enabler. More mighty, beautiful, inspiring and dear than she’ll ever know… she’s Natalie.  I could go on, but that would embarrass her. So I won’t beyond the damage I’ve already done here.  ;) I’m grateful for Natalie’s heart and creativity. I’m grateful for her mentoring/enabling ways and her friendship.

What are you grateful for today? Tell me one thing, or five… or as many as you want. I hope you enjoyed sharing in my gratitude hit for the day.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude junkie”

  1. I am grateful for….the housework that is almost done. Soon I can collapse on the couch and enjoy a movie, maybe a glass of wine!
    Ok, back to work.


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