Monday 2/24 – Five Good Things

Natalie, the Chickenblogger, has a wonderful Monday ritual of posting ‘Five Good Things‘ each Monday. This is my second time joining in.

Here are my five good things:

  1. A deepened understanding and sense of my purpose.
  2. For a man named Terry, who I never met. He, however, meant so much to and influenced one of my favorite people, Dana. Dana, in turn, has deeply influenced me. Terry’s impact and legacy lives on.
  3. And, for another man, a Canadian named Vic. I never got to meet him either. He, however, loved and was part of shaping and influencing Shelli. Shelli is another one of my favorite people.  Shelli has deeply influenced me.  Vic’s impact and legacy lives on.
  4. Rain is on its way!
  5. For the sea.

Over the weekend, I had a yen to walk in the surf. I invited Amira, who at first wasn’t sure she wanted to go. Thankfully, she changed her mind. And once there, well… she was glad to be there too.

It’s interesting to observe the various forms and layers of dress at the beach in late February. There were shorts, t-shirts, no shirts, parkas, pants, board shorts and winter wetsuits. Everyone, obviously, has a different definition of warm and cold. The water was momentarily bracing when it hit my toes. And, I’ll confess, after our two hour walk in the water, my toes were nearly numb. It was more than worth it.

022214_cardiffbeach2Behind us, in the east, where six hot air balloons (the 6th was just out of my viewfinder’s range). They were enjoying everything from above and afar.


The number of close-up photos I take of water is slowly approaching infinity. I’m constantly trying to capture what my eyes see. When I see the photos at home on my laptop – I am both disappointed at my inability to capture it AND amazed how incredible our eyes are. What we see, HOW we see… incredible! It’s why it’s just not the same – seeing photos versus being somewhere and experiencing it with my own eyes.
022214_cardiffbeach4This is the first time I’ve noticed seaweed bring its anchor to shore with it.


I love pelicans and seeing a processional line of them across the horizon.


The clouds in all directions were competing for most eye-catching. These were in the east. I love their upswept fringes. 022214_cardiffbeach7

I stood here. That is all.


What’s it called in literature when something points to the future of the story? Foreshadowing? That’s not what I’m trying to think of. This is more like a visual alliteration, maybe. The surf left a grouping of seaweed that, to me, looks like a sculpture of a sleeping seal.


Oh, and these birds (a type of tiny sandpiper?)  just about caused Amira and I to collapse. They were running back and forth along the surf’s edge. They were finding some type of evening dinner, I’m sure. They were so swift, and cute, and our hearts were filled. I wish I had caught them on video.022214_cardiffbeach10

Walking on the sand, with the waves rolling back and forth over my feet – I felt the urge to go deeper… although better and common sense prevailed.  I never want to stop where there surfers are though… I want to go out just past the wave breaks.

022214_cardiffbeach11We were there just shy of two hours. It’s amazing how much changes in that amount of time… sometimes slowly, sometimes very quickly.

022214_cardiffbeach12I’m very pensive and reflective these days. Everything I see causes me to think. The evening I took these photos, I thought about how the sunset is such a spectacular end to the day.  I thought about how I’d like to see the end of our lives to be spectacular as well. Although, I don’t honestly know how that would look or work.


My list of friends and family that have died is long right now. Some, I knew and grieve personally and others I know and grieve through and with my friends who have loved and lost. I’m overwhelmed by how tied we are to them, with unknotable cords that still hold… even after their physical presence is gone. I feel Maurice Sendak’s words:

“I cry a lot because I miss people. They die and I can’t stop them. They leave me and I love them more.”

I think the splendor of their sunset may happen in the last days of their lives. I’m starting to believe too, that their sunset goes on longer than they physically do… long after they are gone… their beauty, their splendor shines, glows and inspires.


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