Looking down assignment

The last time I went out with my camera, I gave myself a mini-assignment. All my pictures had to be taken with me looking down.

looking down at nasturtium filled gorge

I wanted to force myself to see differently. The last few times I was out with my camera, I found myself repeatedly saying: “I’ve already taken this picture.”

looking down at sawn tree limb

I want to teach myself to see differently… and more. My eyes are trained to see beautiful flowers, lush landscapes, beautiful skyscapes and so on. I know there is so much more to be seen that I just simply don’t have the natural propensity to see. How many things do I overlook?

looking down at lost and forgotten baseball

I’m going to keep on giving myself seeing assignments and creating collections from them.

looking down stairs

Next assignment, looking up.

looking up palm tree

Any assignment suggestions? I’d love to hear your ideas for another new way to see.

One thought on “Looking down assignment”

  1. What about just eyes. Not the whole facial expression, only the emotion that is communicated with the eyes?

    Beautiful pics again, my friend! Keep up the good work!!!

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