Monday 03/03 – Five Good Things

A week has gone by in a flash between last Monday’s Five Good Things and today.

My Five Good Things are:

1) Going on walks with Amira… wherever that may be. Today’s photos are from a walk through our neighborhood this past week.


2) Four days of delicious rain and wind and the resulting greening of the trees and foliage.



3) That after over a year of, off and on, being sick with a mysterious malady… my Muta kitten has feeling 100% for 3 months solid.

4) Enjoying a fun and funny evening celebrating our dear friend, William’s birthday.


5) The month of March. March makes me happy. It’s not as noticeable in sunny SoCal, but I always associate it with change of season. It a month of new beginnings.  And there are lots of changes happening. The changes are of the kind that are bridges to where we want to be go. It’s encouraging. Finally, March is also my birth month – so it that adds to the feeling of new beginnings.

What are your Five Good Things? I’d love to know.

One thought on “Monday 03/03 – Five Good Things”

  1. Another set of gorgeous photos! Keep up the good work, my friend! :)

    Thanks for inspiring another set of my 5 good things
    1) The ability to hold the fact that things both suck and are also opportunities at the same time (leading to the inability to hold to a “black or white” mentality where things are either painful/bad or painless/good.) Things just happen – and they can be negative and positive at the same time – I no longer have to pick a positive or negative emotion in response . I can be both happy and sad at the same time – and that’s okay.
    2) Life experiences that allow me to both hate the inequality that leads to suffering while loving and enjoying the good parts of my life without guilt
    3) Being back in school which both makes my brain hurt and also makes me feel good because I am learning so much !
    4) Severe weather changes that allow me to enjoy the big snowflakes while also hoping for the warm spring weather.
    5) And on a related note, nature, who reminds me that both breaking down and building up are both natural processes that are necessary for growth. Painful periods of seeming destruction are necessary for the rebuilding that will come in the future.

    Keep blogging, Janece — you inspire me to think, evaluate my thinking, and re-evaluate the focus of my daily life! AND all the pretty photos make me happy! :) Love you!

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