Crafty goodness

This weekend we went to a crafting-finish-your-projects get together. It was satisfyingly fun, filled with laughter and low-key, easy and fun creativity.

I brought Sculpey. I didn’t have a particular project to finish. Instead, I thought I would simply play with clay. It’s satisfying like playing with Play-doh, only you get to bake and keep your creation.  Working with clay has a very altering quality to it. It’s relaxing, peaceful and fun (most especially if you let go of any ideals of creating “art”).

Amira and I made these fun little characters. (The top two are hers and the bottom two are mine.) Maria, Amira’s friend and one of the hosts of the party, created a wonderful cat sitting on cozy rug. Named Sparky, he was white with orange and black stripes. He had a collar, name tag and oodles of character. I wish I had snapped a photo before I left.


Paul, the only one of us with an official sculpture degree, joined in a few short minutes and deftly created a little Gromit. I want to glue a magnet on the back and have him hang out on our refrigerator. Isn’t he adorable?


For me, it feels like fall started only 2 weeks ago at best. Southern California is good with the mild weather. At creating seasons, well, that’s not its strong suit. I know the intense weather so many friends are having… and especially this early is hard. I wish we could split the difference and thoroughly enjoy the best of fall season together.

These get togethers with friends, complete with good conversation and laughing, add to my sensation of seasonal joy.  Honestly, it’s healing. Restorative.


Before our afternoon was complete, Natalie had a quick and fun little project for us.


Aren’t they pretty? They certainly make me think wintry holiday thoughts. As we were making, ideas were flowing for other ways to use this idea to create unique and fun effects. I wondered what it would be like to put just a touch of paint into the glue mixture. I wonder how that would look after it dried with the glitter mixed it. Some experimentation might be in order…

Here’s to more playtime soon!


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