Work in Progress

A few days ago, I had the thought: “Aren’t I lucky to have this problem?” I know! It sounds happy-slappy and delusional. Yet, I actually felt a zing of gratitude, possibility and not quite joy but something related to it.

I have themes that are ongoing challenges in my life. Fear. Self-love. Freedom of self-expression. They come up, in so many different ways, over and over again. I’ve gotten so exhausted by myself and my own issues.

But when I had that thought, “I am lucky to have the problem”, it was surprisingly energizing.

I’ve been doing a lot of internal work around the idea that my foibles, challenges and difficulties are exactly what I want to do be dealing with. I want to work on them to grow personally and spiritually. As I’ve been thinking about it this way, it has in part, removed a lot of frustration and resistance to it. I’m lucky because it is an opportunity to grow, to become a more expansive and powerful version of myself. I’m lucky because, while it may not be quick, I am up to the task of learning what needs to be learned. This is especially true if I don’t make the process wrong and if I will relax and surrender into it.

I’m certainly going to continue to get frustrated, exhausted and annoyed by things that I would just soon have mastered by now. That’s okay too. Bringing this mindset into play, even some of the time, feels revolutionary. I’m a work in progress.

12"x24", work in progress

12″x24″, work in progress by Janece Moment



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