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The change that goals require

My goal is to post something new, every day, on Patreon. A week has passed since my last post. In part, I have been busy with life, getting my daughter ready for 6th grade, and trying to cram in as many last-minute summer activities as we can.  It has been busy and time flies. The thing is, I made a goal. Life will happily and readily fill in my available time slots for me. That’s just how life is. And if life isn’t filling in…

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Craving Constancy

Craving constancy Is wanting to believe a lie Because nothing stays the same At least, not for long Even then When my eyes are open I see the change eroding the edges The lack of constancy Especially in what I love most I want to make it wrong The change It twists and contorts My desires and expectations Please! I think That MUST be wrong And as I sit here and think I hear an offering Saying I have another way And please Listen and…

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